About Snazzy Good

Snazzy Good is a family run business created by two brothers, one a marketing “genius” ūüôā and the other an Army veteran App Developer. The company was started with the intent of sending care packages to college students (sisters) filled with items that a student would actually want.

And of course, games like Cornhole, Darts, Beer Pong and others pair perfectly with a college mindset… you know, for those who are in college and the rest of us who don’t really grow up!

Why Use Snazzy Good to Send a College Care Package

The Care Package was first created in 1945 (by the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, CARE) to send aid to soldiers in Europe. The term has since been adopted as a term for sending food and supplies to provide comfort and relief in any situation. We aren’t sure when the first College Care Packages were created but we know that in 2012 SnazzyGood.com was created to provide college students with the stuff they need and want!

If you have the time to create a super special and personal care package to your favorite student then that will always be the best option and we even provide tips to help you in our blog. But if you are like most people, you don’t have a lot of time to purchase the goods, decorate the box and get to the post office to figure out how to ship it. We are able to put together care packages for students (filled with the things that students have told us they want!) and ship it for you (yep, we provide free shipping!) all for the same cost that you would incur if you bought all the items in our packages at the grocery store. So if you want to show someone you care or just simply make them smile but don’t have the time to create a care package yourself then we have you covered.

Our Story

I was talking to my sister, away at college of course, and I was led to the idea of a website that sold College Care Packages that contained items a college student really wants and needs. Yes our Care Packages contain the usual chocolates and other snacks but…

‚Äú‚ĶI‚Äôm on a college budget, I can‚Äôt afford energy drinks and Starbucks‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

… I wanted to put together a set of Care Packages that has what a college student really wants. I was reminded of a time when, as a student, I was taken to the grocery store by a family member and they bought me groceries that I could use in the dorm. That was one of the best gifts anyone ever gave me! And now I want to help you give that same gift to someone you know that is away from home.

So, thinking back on what really made a difference to my days in school and talking to current college students about dorm life I came up with a list of products that every college student would be happy to receive. I made this website by using personal experience, some common sense and by actually talking to college students to see what they want and need. If you think we’ve missed something here at Snazzy Good or you have an idea for a product that we need to add, simply let us know.

Our Name & Logo

snaz-zy: adjective – extremely attractive or stylish; flashy; fancy

We thought that was the perfect way to describe our products and service! Our care packages are indeed attractive to those who receive them and our prices and service are attractive to those who purchase them. We believe that receiving a care package is something that will always put a smile on your face so we wanted to create a fun filled product and logo to match. When you see our brand and receive one of our packages you can’t help but smile. Plus, Snazzy Good is fun to say!

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