5 Star Review

I was soooo excited to get my care package. I couldn’t wait to call my mom to thank her!

Nicole E.

University of Georgia

5 Star Review

My brother is in college & loved this! Super fast shipping & packed full of goodies!

Jason K.

University of California, Irvine

College Care Packages

We set out to create a set of practical, entertaining and show-some-love College Care Packages to help you make a huge impression on any student. We have surveyed students on campuses from Georgia to California and we have compiled a selection of Student Care Packages to make it easy for you to support your favorite one away from home. Receiving a College Care Package can brighten up anyone’s day and make a stressful time easier!

Ideas for College Students


Give ’em what they want! These College Care Packages were designed specifically for the student lifestyle by students themselves. The dorms don’t always give a student many options and neither do their limited budgets.

Show your favorite student that you care with one of our specialty prepared packages. These student designed care packages have been created to provide dorm room comfort for that student away from home. Whether away from home for the frst time, fnishing up their college career or somewhere in between, sending a care package can lift spirits and provide some extra motivation to get through those stressful and lonely times.

Surprise your college student with their favorite foods, fun snacks, and useful study tools (aka caffeine) by sending one of our premium student care packages for final exams, birthdays, get well, holidays, graduation or just because you care… you don’t really need a reason!

By selecting a care package from SnazzyGood.com you are saving yourself the hassle of shopping, packing, shipping and making sure you are picking out something they want and need.

Monthly Subscription Box

Help your favorite college student survive thrive away from home. Our monthly subscription box sends healthy snacks, unhealthy snacks :-). fun gifts and timely essentials. Nothing says “I love you” like food. Start your subscription today!

What is in the Box?

Each month we put together a care package that reflects current holidays and what is happening in the students lives.

When Are Boxes Sent?

Boxes are sent on the 10th of the month, 8 times per school year from September to May from the time you place your order.

Because They'll Love You!

As a college student there is no better gift than the gift of food. Nothing says “I love you” like food!