Boo Boo Box College Care Package


Being away from home, students don’t have access to the medicine cabinet so when they are sick or have a “boo boo” they often don’t have the things they need to make them feel better. A mom’s favorite package!

This College Care Package includes:
Instant Soup (2), Hot Cocoa (4), Chunky Soup (2), Yogi Green Tea (1 Box), Ricola (1 Bag), Ludens (1 bag), Dial Hand Sanitizer, Advil, Wet Ones Wipes, First Aid Kit, Blistex, Vaseline Dry Skin Cream and other assorted snacks.

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When you are growing up you take for granted having mom and dad around to make you feel better when you aren’t feeling your best. When you have a headache or need a bandage for a scrape or cut you simply go to the medicine cabinet. Being away from home, a student is often stranded without all the comforts of home.

While there is no place like home and nothing could replace mom, your favorite student is covered whether they have a sore throat, skins a knee or has a headache, know that with this care package they will be covered.

*Our team continually researches the market to find quality products that will be sure to make your student happy, contents may change slightly based on availability.


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