Caffeinated College Care Package


College life is full of late nights and early mornings. This care package has every thing a student needs to keep their eyes open!

This College Care Package includes:
Energy Drinks (2), 5 Hour Energy® (2), Smart Water® (1), Tea – Tazo Awake (1 Box), Starbucks Refreshers (1 Can), Starbucks Iced Coffee (2 Packets), Starbucks House Blend (2 Packets), Almonds (1), Pringles Snack Pack (2) and other assorted snacks.

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Whether it is study time or time to get to class, everyone needs a boost of energy to help stay awake and to concentrate. This Care Package is designed to provide a little caffeine through their favorite drinks and snacks. College budgets don’t allow for name brand drinks and snacks. Starbucks, Monster and Red Bull are all expensive drinks but with this care package you can send these name brands right to the dorm room.

*Our team continually researches the market to find quality products that will be sure to make your student happy, contents may change slightly based on availability.


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