Exam Cram College Care Package


When it’s time to pull a late night study session, these aids will help concentration during the long hours of study. Help make sure your student is 100% at test time! Order now and make someone very happy!

This College Care Package includes:
Chips (2),Cookies (3), Planters (1), Candy Bars (2), Rice Krispie Treats (2), Energy Drinks (2), Almonds (1), Starbucks Refresher (1 Can), 5 Hour Energy (2), Smart Water (1) and other assorted snacks.

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This College Care Package is perfect for test time! We all know test time is a stressful time and students stay up late cramming for the exam. In the morning they need to be at their best and being drowsy or hungry is a bad thing. This care package has what they need, snacks for study time and caffeine to keep them alert and at their best.

*Our team continually researches the market to find quality products that will be sure to make your student happy, contents may change slightly based on availability.


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